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We’re in the midst of football season, and I’ve got playbooks on my mind. A team’s playbook holds the strategies that create each week’s game plan – which can ultimately make or break an entire season.

When a team suits up and takes the field on game day, they may make it look easy. Through the sea of bright jerseys on well-toned physiques, we can’t see the individual dedication which shapes the group as a whole: two-a-day practice sessions, injured limbs, special diets, personal sacrifices and of course, committing that playbook to memory.

Staying in shape and coordinating a team demands both physical and mental work. Those demands apply as equally to ball players as they do to healthy families.

Fit Family Bowl

In pursuit of the title of Fit Family, parents are coaches and kids are quarterbacks. The coaches prepare the team over time, then guide from the sidelines on game day. But it’s the quarterback who has to execute plays and make decisions on the fly. Hopefully, after running plays day-in and day-out, the playbook is etched in a players mind and makes those snap decisions even easier.

What if, in the pursuit of raising a fit family, we also had a manual with a range of possible plays and tactics for any situation? In other words, wouldn’t it be great if we had a single comprehensive guide to help navigate the challenges in the food-and-fitness game?

Parents: Game On…

read full article at USAF Fit Family

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