Sugary Drinks: Not So Sweet

excerpt from an article by Julie La Barba, MD, FAAP
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We are surrounded by special food diets. From low-carb diets with caveman roots, to other diets-du-jour, adults and children alike are bombarded with messages about what to eat. One thing is certain: To keep our weight in check, we have to take in the right amount of calories, whether we’re 9 or 90 years old.

Most of us focus on the food our families eat as we attempt to ensure a healthy diet that maintains a healthy weight. But it’s also important to keep drinks in mind too.

Beverages have a bigger impact on our overall health than you may think. And sugary drinks, in particular, really aren’t such a sweet choice.

Sugar-sweetened beverages make it easy for kids to pack on “empty” calories – high in number and low in nutrients. How? The body’s internal appetite controls register liquids differently than they do solid food. So, by drinking their calories, your children don’t necessarily compensate by eating less food later on. Bottom line: Drinks make it very easy for children to go over their quota for daily caloric intake.


Ever stop to think about the drinks you stock in the family fridge? How do they play into your family’s overall diet and health?

You hold the power to eliminate sugary drinks from your home and help your kids take in fewer empty calories overall.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are not a recommended part of a healthy diet and can lead to obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Here’s why…

read full article at USAF Fit Family


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