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Instead of asking ourselves which foods we should eat to be healthy, the more important question is, “are we eating food at all?” As a population, we are over-fed and under-nourished, due in part to processed or “fake” foods. These quick, cheap and convenient impostors have edged out “real” or natural foods in our diets.

My Family’s Eating What?

So what is fake food? It’s food pretending to be something it’s not. For example, American “cheese” may not be legally sold as “cheese” in the United States, and must be labeled as “processed cheese”, “cheese product”, or “cheese food.” At times, even the word “cheese” is missing in the name on the label, as in “American Singles.” Pancake syrup made with caramel coloring and chemicals does not come from anywhere near a maple tree. Most “strawberry” flavored convenience foods and drinks contain a list of chemicals but not a single strawberry. Theater popcorn “butter” is actually butter-flavored hydrogenated soy bean oil. A large popcorn with this pseudo-butter has as much saturated fat as eight Big Macs!

Real food is exactly what it appears – and most real foods don’t come with packaging, instructions or any health claims. They don’t need to because their list of ingredients contains one word: Carrot, strawberry, lettuce, milk, chicken, fish. These are whole, natural foods that have not been highly processed and that don’t contain hidden additives and chemicals. One other clue: they’re perishable! Foods with extended shelf lives are more likely to be fake.


Parents: What’s Happening?…

read full article at USAF Fit Family

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