Student Doctors Take Fight Against Illness into the Kitchen

VIDEO: With food and health closely linked, medical schools are now taking a deeper dive into the culinary world. Our John Garcia shows you why a group of pediatric residents are not just learning about nutrition, but also learning some tricks of the trade. Time... read more

Doctors In The Kitchen Learn ‘Food As Medicine’

The medical community is trying all kinds of methods to beat back childhood obesity and related health problems like diabetes. One San Antonio hospital is putting doctors in the kitchen to try and make a difference. Fresh vegetables on the chopping block, shredded,... read more

Revolutionizing Local Medicine with Nutrition Education

Thanks to the Goldsbury Foundation and Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, there is a new revolution in medical care. Maria Palma, chef and program director of Culinary Health Education for Families (CHEF), led an exercise Friday morning that is not the sort of thing... read more

Growing Produce and Patience

Inspired by Italian gardens, a pediatrician turns her own backyard into a source of food and experimentation Julie La Barba Miggins doesn’t like to admit it now, but the lush garden at her Olmos Park home on Hermosa Drive grew out of embarrassment. A few years ago,... read more

CHEF: Teaching Pediatricians About Taste

The taste of food impacts our eating habits and, in turn, our health from a very young age, even from the womb. On Friday, February 26th, Dr. Julie La Barba, a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and Medical Director of Culinary Health Education for... read more

Raising Healthy Eaters

Five tips for rearing kids who prefer broccoli to Twinkies Lofty January resolutions largely forgotten, parents see February’s busy schedules and convenience triumphs over healthy eating. Dr. Julie La Barba, director of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio’s new... read more

A Simple Pantry: Mexican Caesar Salad Recipe

Back in January, I was able to attend the Culinary Medicine Boot Camp through the Goldsbury Foundation, and The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, which took place at the Culinary Institute of America San Antonio. To say it was an amazing experience is an... read more

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