Our Programs

We offer a variety of engaging nutrition education programs for children, adults, and healthcare professionals. We support our partner organizations by providing the training, tools, and mentoring needed to teach CHEF in a wide array of settings.

CHEF in Schools

Our school curriculum can be taught in either hands-on or demonstration style in a P.E. setting, classroom setting, afterschool program, or early childhood program. We will work with your site to determine the best teaching approach for your school.
  • Pre-K – 2nd Grade
  • CHEF® Little Bites curriculum is designed to set the foundation of nutrition and basic cooking skills at a young age through engaging, hands-on cooking experiences. This curriculum is aligned with the Texas Pre-K Guidelines and GOLD Objectives, which aims to enhance children’s physical development, social emotional learning, literacy, cognitive abilities, and more.
  • Kinder – 8th Grade
  • CHEF® Bites School Edition is a TEKS-aligned curriculum designed to encourage confidence in the kitchen, expand taste preferences, and develop an appreciation for cooking meals as a family. Schools have the option to choose heat or no-heat recipes that can be taught demonstration style or in a hands-on setting. These recipes were designed for collaboration with Child Nutrition Services so students can experience the CHEF® recipe of the week on the cafeteria line.
  • 6th – 8th Grade
  • CHEF® Sports Nutrition is a TEKS-aligned curriculum designed to provide nutrition education for active, growing students. This curriculum aims to enhance students’ knowledge and skills they need to fuel their body with the right nutrition to grow, learn, and have energy for the activities they love.

CHEF in the Community

  • Community Instructors are trained and certified to teach child focused CHEF® programming. Lessons can be taught demonstration style or hands-on and include a nutrition overview and recipe demonstration. Organizations can choose from heat or no-heat recipes and have the option to provide samples of prepared recipes at the end of each class.
  • Community Instructors and/or Health Professionals are trained and certified to teach adult focused CHEF® programming. We offer a variety of nutrition education topics including Diabetes Management, Brain Health, Anti-Inflammatory, and Cooking for Life. Each topic contains four 60-minute lessons that comprise of a nutrition overview and a recipe demonstration where the student prepares the recipe alongside the instructor. Classes can be taught in-person or virtually. Heat and no-heat recipe options are available.

Bring CHEF to your school or organization

Help drive healthy eating in our community by bringing the CHEF program to your organization.