How to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

by Katy Bowen, RDN, LD, MS, CHEF

Does making a meal in the kitchen feel a little overwhelming? Do you feel like a larger kitchen would make cooking less of a chore? Regardless of the actual size, here are some tips to get the most out of your kitchen space and make cooking more enjoyable!

Declutter your utensils. If you notice you have five whisks, but only really use two of them or three muffin tins but you never use all of them at once, try clearing that clutter out of your kitchen. Place the extras in a plastic bin to store outside of your kitchen or donate to a second-hand store.

Simplify your counter space. Move small appliances that you don’t use daily to a cabinet or other storage space to free up your countertop. This will increase your workspace so the whole family can make the meal together!

Start off on the right foot. Before you begin making a meal, do a quick clean in your kitchen. Emptying the dishwasher andsink or wiping down the counters only takes 5-10 minutes to complete, but a clean kitchen will make cooking much more enjoyable!

Clean up as you go. As you begin to chop produce, open cans of vegetables, or finish off a box of pasta, the scraps and trash can really start to add up. Try using an empty bowl to place produce scraps in as you chop orsimply move your trash can closer to your prep area. Also, as you finish using a bowl or utensil, place it in the sink to keep your countertop clear.

Get creative and include your family If prep space is limited in the kitchen, set up a cutting board at the kitchen table and ask your children to help chop ingredients. You can also make or buy a small, mobile island on wheels for extra counter space!

Organize your pantry. A cluttered pantry makes looking for ingredients a chore and can cost you extra money. When you’re cooking a recipe, sifting through a bunch of cans and boxes in the pantry is the last thing you want to be doing. If you can’t easily find ingredients, you might end up purchasing items you already have at home. Use our CHEF approved pantry guide to organize your space and make sure you have all the essentials!

Check your kitchen flow. When your whole family is in the kitchen making a meal, moving around the kitchen can be frustrating. Think about your path from the refrigerator or stove to the sink – is there anything in the way that you could move?

Are you moving into a new home or apartment soon?

When you are house or apartment hunting, you will want to look for a kitchen that works for your family. Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home and having a functional workspace can make all the difference. A kitchen should not only be large enough to move around in but should have the necessary features to allow you to cook with ease. If your family enjoys cooking together in the kitchen, here are some other features you may want to consider.