Welcome to Lesson 1 of CHEF Bites - School Edition



Welcome to Lesson 1 of CHEF Bites – School Edition! CHEF or Culinary Health Education for Families is a local, non-profit organization that teaches children and families basic nutrition and practical cooking skills. In today’s lesson, we will learn about the importance of cooking at home more often and how to create a balanced plate using the five food groups.

To begin, watch our Lesson 1 video and follow along at home using your bag of CHEF groceries. Then, enjoy the meal together as a family and discuss what you have learned. Below, we’ve also included resources and fun educational activities that your family can complete at home.

Brush up on your basic culinary skills and build confidence in the kitchen with our videos!

Each of these skills were used in Lesson 1 and are available in English and Spanish. 

Knife Safety


Cutting Herbs

Food Safety



Cooking Grains

Kitchen Vocabulary

Take the confusion out of cooking! Review some of the common cooking terms we used in today’s recipe.


Cutting foods into small, uniformed size pieces.


A method for slicing vegetables leaves or herbs. Stack leaves, roll tightly, and slice leaves perpendicularly to create thin strips. 


A blend of two liquids that don’t normally bind together, such as oil and vinegar. To emulsify, whisk the two liquids together until they form a creamy mixture.


To cut food into large, non-uniform pieces.


To pour a fine stream of liquid over foods.


Combining ingredients so that they are evenly dispersed.


A salad dressing made by combining an acid with oil and seasonings.