Family Fun at the Farmer’s Market

By Jacqueline Weiss, Cornell Nutrition Sciences Intern
Reviewed by Katy Bowen, MS, RDN, LD, Director of Community Outreach, CHEF
Edited by Andi Champion, Program Coordinator, CHEF

Exploring your local Farmer’s Market is the perfect Saturday morning family activity and a fantastic opportunity for your children to learn where real food comes from! Allow your children to pick out one or two pieces of produce and use it in a recipe that you can cook together. By letting them have a hand in the meal planning process and helping pick out your families’ produce they may be more willing to try new foods.

The Farmer’s Market is also a terrific way to learn about eating seasonally. With your children, pick out a fruit or vegetable to be the main ingredient for your meal and then find recipes centered around that item. For example, watermelons are in season from May through November. This refreshing fruit is a great way to beat the Texas heat and the recipe possibilities are endless! Check out our healthy, delicious, and CHEF-Approved “Fruit Ceviche” or Jicama, Cucumber, and Melon Salad to make with your kids. Or, replace the strawberries with watermelon in this spinach salad!

For more healthy inspiration, stop by the CHEF tent every Saturday at Pearl Farmer’s Market.