Top 10 Ways to Relieve Stress During COVID-19

By: Erika Johnstone

COVID-19 has affected every family across the world. With futures on hold and life-changing daily, this can be especially hard on young children and parents. Here are some helpful tips to relieve stress during a COVID-19 era.

Take a break from the news. Put the cell phone away, turn off the tv, and avoid stressful news.

Stay connected with friends and family. Keep in touch with loved ones by calling, texting, or scheduling a Zoom call.

Read a book. Check out your local public library for books, audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs.

Have a family game night. Play a board game or a fun card game with the family or check out family game night apps on your smart phone.

Find a new hobby. Try something new like painting, drawing, or baking.

Enjoy family meals. Eating meals with your children can help build strong relationships.

Reorganize your home. Take some time to clean and organize your home.

Maintain a schedule. Involve your children in making a weekly schedule. The schedule can include mealtime, school time, and more.

Stay active. Find ways to stay fit, such as walking around your neighborhood or follow a workout video from home.

Eat nutritious meals. Check out the CHEF webpage on tips and recipes for delicious healthy meals.