Planting seeds for healthier S.A.

These days, Dr. Julie La Barba is busy planting seeds.

Seeds in a garden? No doubt. Spring is here, and this pediatrician was practically born with green thumbs. But the seeds we’re talking about are visionary ones.

Seeds that one day may sprout in the most surprising and amazing ways down at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and across this community. Seeds for a healing garden and a teaching kitchen at the hospital where children and their families can learn about healthy foods. Seeds for research. Seeds for a healthier San Antonio, where the scales are perpetually tipped between overweight and obese.

“We are not going to talk about weight loss or calories or Jenny Craig or any of that because we are really focusing on real food, breaking bread with your family,” La Barba told me. “Really being mindful of your choices and the balance in your life. What you eat. How you move.”

This was downtown at Christus Santa Rosa’s children’s hospital, where La Barba works as the medical director for the hospital’s groundbreaking CHEF program. As in Culinary Health Education for Families, thanks to funding via the Goldsbury Foundation.

Express News – by Josh Brodesky