Easy Recipe to Make with Your Grandchildren

Cooking is a fun activity for the entire family and a great way to build creativity! Including your grandchildren in the meal preparation process can expand their taste preferences and help them explore new foods. Even the youngest members of the family can join in!

An easy way to encourage your grandchildren to cook with you is by making a healthy snack together, such as Apple Nachos with Greek Yogurt Dip. Apple Nachos are loaded with lean protein and heart healthy fats. Plus, they’re fun to make, kid-approved, and best of all, delicious.

Recipe can be found here.

The Best Afterschool Snacks for Kids

After a long day in the classroom, kids may need a snack to boost their energy or keep them fueled until dinnertime. We’ve rounded up our favorite kid-friendly snacks that are both healthy and delicious.

Grapes with Lemon Yogurt Sauce: Grapes, protein-rich Greek yogurt, and lemon zest…what’s not to love? This tasty treat is the perfect refreshing snack to help your child cool down after a day of play. Recipe can be found here.
Ranchy Dip: With only six ingredients (most of which you might already have in your pantry) you couldn’t ask for a simpler snack option than our Ranchy Dip! Our version uses lighter ingredients such as Greek yogurt and dried herbs to create a fresh and flavorful recipe your family is sure to enjoy. Recipe can be found here.

Fun Fruit Pizza:
Everyone loves pizza but have you tried our Fun Fruit Pizza yet? This tasty snack is loaded with fresh, seasonal fruits along with whole grains. It is as fun to create as it is to eat! Recipe can be found here.

Trail Mix: Skip the store-bought version and try making your own trail mix at home. Our recipe uses wholesome ingredients that don’t contain all the extra sugar, salt, or fats that premade versions include. Recipe can be found here.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers: This wholesome recipe is a great way to encourage your child to try new flavors and to teach them about the importance of eating different colors of fruits for the most nutrients. Recipe can be found here.

Carrot Hummus: Give this classic snack an extra boost of nutrition with carrots! Carrots contain vitamin A which helps promote good vision and is important for growth and immune function. Recipe can be found here.

Peach Salsa: Try a fresh take on traditional salsa. This version includes sweet and juicy peaches to offset the heat from the jalapenos! Enjoy our Peach Salsa as a topping on tacos or a burrito bowl, served on the side of a cheese quesadilla, or as a dip for your favorite tortilla chips. Recipe can be found here.

Oatmeal Cinnamon Protein Bites: These naturally sweet bite sized snacks are packed with protein to keep you fueled until your next meal. Prep them on a Sunday and enjoy them throughout the week as a quick snack option. Recipe can be found here.

Fruit Salad: Getting in your daily recommended servings of fruit has never been so easy! Our Fruit Salad is colorful, customizable, and easy to make. Encourage your child to build their own version using their favorite fruit.  Recipe can be found here.